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Bahar Thinks GOP Tried to Kill Johnson

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Mr. Intenseone:
IMO, This typical liberal, they think everything is a conspiracy and proves that Hollywood has no place in politics, they are nothing short of pathetic!!

RUSH: It's comical today, folks, to listen to the Drive-By Media worry and speculate about not the fate of Tim Johnson. Now they're worried about the 82-year-old Daniel Akaka and Daniel In No Way, the two senators from Hawaii, both Democrats. Now we're worried about the health of Sheets Byrd, 89 years old in West Virginia. They're worried about this. This one-seat majority is very tenuous. They're also worried that one of these Democrats might be cajoled into switching parties. As you know, those nasty, rascally Republicans, they'll do anything to get their power back. Even the Democrat Underground, people are even speculating that the Republicans found a way to poison Tim Johnson just as they were behind the death of Paul Wellstone. It's extended now to beyond the blogs.

Yesterday that blithering idiot Joy Behar actually raised the possibility -- did the Republicans do something to him? Is there something they could have done? Do we have the bite? Let me look. Yes. Audio sound bites three and four. We'll go to The View yesterday discussing Tim Johnson. Dari Alexander, one of the guest info babes on the program said, "The Democrats took over in November by 51-49 majority, and now if he has to resign it will make things 50-50 because the governor of that state's a Republican and in charge of putting an interim --"

BEHAR: Is there such a thing as man made stroke? In other words, did someone do this to him? (Laughter.)

HASSELBACK: Why does everything coming from the liberal perspective have to be conspiracy?

RUSH: They're applauding it!

BEHAR: I know what this party is capable of.

RUSH: The audience thought she was making a joke or maybe not. The audience of that -- this is a different planet, and it has been on that show for a long, long time. But she raises the possibility, in other words, did someone do this to him? Then Elisabeth Hasselbeck said, "Why does everything coming from the liberal perspective have to be conspiracy?" "I know what that party is capable of." Behar then got another question. "Well, the thing that's sad about this is, it takes a political angle when a guy is critically ill."

BEHAR: But there are millions and millions of people who depend upon this Congress, people in the world and people in this country. His illness is -- is sad, but it's not as important in the overall scheme.

RUSH: Now, here is a liberal. These are the people that are kind and patient and tolerant and compassionate and understanding, and she just admits she doesn't give a rat's rear end about Tim Johnson. No, what's more important is her liberal wacko buddies maintaining control of the Senate. Remember, there's another great story here in the stack, too. You know, the Congressional Black Caucus has lodged a complaint to Nancy Pelosi, there aren't enough African-American staffers in Congress on the Democrat side. The Republicans have plenty of African-American staffers. They're cool. It's the Democrats. So all of these stereotypes about liberalism, "They are the tolerant ones and they're not racists, they're not bigots, they're not homophobes. They are kind and understanding and tolerant, patient, and so forth, good people." It's, frankly, in most cases, it is just the opposite.

Hugo Chavez:
I could post a criket ;D  but I wont ;)  Yea, with a one seat majority and one of the most corrupt parties in modern American history, I would hire extra bodyguards and food testers if I were a dem senator. LOLOLOL... no joke...  So many ways to kill a man... These days they know everything, your medical history, everything about you... With his condition, all one would have to do is introduce a little extra carbon monoxide into his evironment and bang, clot.  There are many ways this could happen.  Maybe this was an accident, the timing is amazing... knowing what these guys are willing to do would not leave me sleaping well as a dem right now... I'd be watching my back too.

Mr. Intenseone:

--- Quote from: 240 is Back on December 17, 2006, 03:26:49 PM ---Mr I -

Rush Limbaugh admits spouting a political agenda which was not his own.

1)  Do you think he still has integrity?

2)  How do you know what he's saying now is what he believes, if you didn't know before?

--- End quote ---

1. Of course he still has his integrity...why would you ask?

2. Of course I believe he believes what he's saying and what make you think I didn't know before, like I said before, he's not right on everything, but he's right on most of the time. The problem with people who doubt him, is they don't listen to him or at least not enough to make a judgement call, besides, if you had access to the site, he has the audio of Bahar spewing this crap......he rarely if at all says something without backing it up.....from a LEGIT SOURCE!

Mr. Intenseone:

--- Quote from: 240 is Back on December 17, 2006, 03:49:29 PM ---For years he spoke about things he didn't believe in.  He took public stances on issues that he didn't believe in.  And he admitted it.

--- End quote ---

Peoples opinions change all the time....but can you give me an example?

Straw Man:

I could also lists lot's of factual inaccuracies that have spewed from his blowhole but I really don't have that much energy to go look for it all.  


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