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911 widows documentary



this documentary outlines the struggle that 4 new jersey widows of 911 victims went through to force an independent investigation. the government was obstinate every step of the way, and according to these people they only asked superficial questions of the witnesses.

the video claims that pakistan funded 911. the mainstream media reported many times that mohammad atta received 100'000 from someone affiliated with the pakastani ISI (their version of cia)

watch the part of the movie where bush is asked why he wont testify separate from cheney (as the 911 commission requested) .... amazing

Hugo Chavez:
More importantly, look at this reaction to the question.  He's like a kid who's been caught doing something wrong in that clip.  Are there any detectives in the house?  I'm betting you don't want to be the guy in a criminal investigation being questioned and answering like that... ahaha... This guy is a terrible liar... absolutely terrible...  Now that we know he was lying about WMD in Iraq... Go back and watch the clips of Bush telling us about yellow cake and mushroom clouds... EXACTLY the SAME apprehensive are they believing me I'm lying my ass off demeanor.


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