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Jordan Musser - Breastfeeding at an NPC show


Seems some people are upset at an NPC Bikini competitor for breastfeeding at a contest?

Does it really matter?

Jordan Musser, 25, was competing in the National Physique Committee Bikini Competition in Pittsburgh with her daughter Tomi in tow.

From Jordan's Instagram  (from September 24, 2019)

jmusscle - When I decided to compete I searched and searched for information regarding girls who had competed while breastfeeding. I found zip. Nothing. Nothing except some forums declaring it simply wasnít possible. Had anyone done this before?! Is it actually possible to maintain a supply when your body fat plummets?
I had a feeling, with near perfect conditions falling into place, that we might be able to make it happen - and we did! Hereís what worked for us:

✔️ A strong supply to begin with
✔️ Consistent nursing
✔️ Responsible coaching - no time spent in dangerously low calories
✔️ Whole, nutritious foods
✔️ Tons of water
✔️ NO supplements
✔️ Care taken to keep spray tan out of babies mouth
I might be one of very few girls who have ever done something like this - Iím still not sure! Thereís no info out there on breastfeeding and competing! But my experience is proof that you can feed a baby and maintain a stage level physique. How cool is the female body?!?!


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