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2020 IFBB Pro League Pacific USA XXII Pro Bikini - Results


2020 IFBB Pro League Pacific USA XXII Pro Bikini Competitor List
 August 29, 2020 in San Diego, California


 Event will be held at the Sheraton Mission Valley in San Diego in the ballroom on the first floor.
 Sadly, because of California Covid-19 Rules, there can be no spectators inside the room, with a maximum of 50 people at one time.
 Masks are required at all times if you cannot social distance or are closer than 6 feet to anyone.  In the hotel, masks are required in public areas.
 There is also an NPC event. There will be a live stream of this event.

These are the IFBB competitors slated to compete this Saturday.

1. Maya Astable (San Francisco, California)
2. Jessica Dolias (Toms River, New Jersey)
3. Maria Duarte (Brazil)
4. Svetlana Elina (Russia)
5. Stephanie Fierro (Phoenix, Arizona)
6. Hannah Fritz (Houston, Texas)
7. Sarah Gayden (Encinitas, California)
8. Jasmine Gonzalez (San Diego, California)
9. Hope Harper (Reno, Nevada)
10. Olha Horobets (Grand Junction, Colorado)
11. Kaley Houdyshell (Costa Mesa, California)
12. Karla Jacome (Indian Wells, California)
13. Ashley Kaltwasser (Las Vegas, Nevada)
14. Nora Mirocha (Dousman, Wisconsin)
15. Stephanie Sequeira (Chino Hills, California)
16. Celeste Shaffer (Houston, Texas)
17. Erika Sherwood (Murrieta, Caliornia)
18. Jasmine Williams (Palm Desert, California)
19. Jessica Wilson (Costa Mesa, California)
20. Marisa Woo (San Diego, California)

2020 IFBB Pro League Pacific USA XXII Pro Bikini Results
 August 29, 2020 in San Diego, California

Congratulations to Ashley Kaltwasser, who, with this win, has won an incredible 21 IFBB Pro Bikini competitions.

1. Ashley Kaltwasser (Las Vegas, Nevada)
2. Svetlana Elina (Russia)
3. Jasmine Gonzalez (San Diego, California)
4. Kaley Houdyshell (Costa Mesa, California)
5. Jessica Dolias (Toms River, New Jersey)
6. Marisa Woo (San Diego, California)
7. Maria Duarte (Brazil)
8. Sarah Gayden (Encinitas, California)
9. Jessica Wilson (Costa Mesa, California)
10. Stephanie Sequeira (Chino Hills, California)
11. Olha Horobets (Grand Junction, Colorado)
12. Erika Sherwood (Murrieta, Caliornia)
13. Celeste Shaffer (Houston, Texas)
14. Hannah Fritz (Houston, Texas)
15. Hope Harper (Reno, Nevada)
16. Maya Astable (San Francisco, California)
16. Stephanie Fierro (Phoenix, Arizona)
16. Karla Jacome (Indian Wells, California)
16. Nora Mirocha (Dousman, Wisconsin)
16. Jasmine Williams (Palm Desert, California)


Stage Pictures from the 2020 IFBB Pro League Pacific USA XXII Pro Bikini


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