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RIP Karen Pang



From Whitney Johns

Iím not sure Iíll ever be able to wrap my head around losing you. It doesnít seem real. Watching you leave this earth is something I will never get over and there will forever be a hole in my heart without you here. ⁣ As a friend you have shown up for me the way most people could only wish a best friend would. You showed up for a lot of people. You went out of your way for your friends and never faked the funk. You were a genuine soul and a good fucking person. ⁣ My road dog, nurse/mom, death metal DJ, comedic relief and the best Cher impersonator Iíve ever seen. You were truly my ride or die 💔⁣

I know so many people will be hurting at the news of this. Karen passed in a snowmobiling accident yesterday afternoon. Nothing will ever ease the pain of losing such a bright light so young and unexpectedly. But, what I can say is that she spent her last moments having a blast, laughing her face off and felt no pain in her last breath.⁣

And as her sister said, she is with her Granny and Mom in heaven now and will be so happy to see them 🙏🏼☁️ She is dearly missed by her father, sister, brother, sister-in-law and nephews 💔⁣

I love and miss you so much already, Karen. My geisha girl, Sophia & Blanche, Thelma & Louise, WuPang clan forever 🤘🏼⁣



Karen Pang Funeral & Celebration of Life Fund

We are here for the one and only Karen Pang Ė Kare Bear, WuPang, KP, Pocket Sized Princess, Pea Pod -  was taken from us in a tragic snowmobiling accident in Colorado on Saturday, March 27th. All those who knew Karen, knew her for her huge heart, her sincere kindness, electric cackle, silly dance moves, love of 80s ballads, sassy mouth, and undying loyalty. She had a unique ability to make you feel seen, important, and loved.

Karen loved a good party! Her birthday was always a big celebration. Her friends and family want to make sure her life is celebrated in an epic fashion, just like she would want. As a good friend stated, we can hear Karen saying, ďcheer up mother f*ckers, Iím good Ė just throw me a party!Ē

The proceeds of this GoFundMe will go towards the costs of getting Karen home to her family in Canada, her funeral services, and a Celebration of Life memorial in Los Angeles.

Karenís Celebration of Life will be in Los Angeles on April 7th, 2021 and open to all. Standby for more details.


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