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Thai military launches coup against PM

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Hugo Chavez:

--- Quote from: jaguarenterprises on September 20, 2006, 02:49:54 AM ---Here's hoping General Colin Powell reads Yahoo news  :D

--- End quote ---
Wrong General, he's only in charge of his family.  We would need several Generals.


--- Quote from: BigJ on September 19, 2006, 09:59:27 AM ---Quite incredible really - I always thought Thailand was quite advanced like this and that coups were reserved only for eastern-bloc countries and banana republics.

--- End quote ---

Thailand is a complicated situation.

The Prime Minister is a corrupt and impopular person, a billionaire who's creating chaos in Thailand.

The King, as incredible as it seems, is a fairly level-headed bloke. He's behind it all, and got the army to coup the PM away.

There is no fighting in the streets, no shut business, there was a slight drop at the Bangkok Stock Trade market, but it recovered and is doing quite well already.

I'm no fan of undemocratic actions.

The reason the military stepped in, was because the PM fcuked up Thailand.

There will probably be some interim PM until new elections are held.


No wonder DJ split.

Camel Jockey:
Thailand should have a leader that'll bring back the glory days of the golden triangle.  ;D

240 is Back:
I can think of about 60 million armed Americans who wouldn't be so keen on sitting back and letting martial law kick into gear.


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