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Notomorrows positive memories of bodybuilding

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Looking forward to the conclusion.

When will the final chapter be dropping?  Soon I hope.

Mohammed Omari:

--- Quote from: ninahelpman on May 25, 2022, 06:21:26 AM ---That's why we've searched far and wide to find out which t-shirts our editors turn to—some even opting to get the same style in as many colours as it comes in (because, when you find The One you don't want to let it get away). Below, our pick of white t-shirt's that will see you through year-round

--- End quote ---

Hey, bozo! Why don't you take one of those stupid T-shirts, go down to the strip club with it, and use it to cover up your fat mum's tits. And make sure it's an XXL because I don't want that belly hanging out the bottom of it like an over-filled water balloon. Only it wouldn't be water in there, would it? No, sir. It would be cum. This is a positive thread about Notomorrow's bodybuilding journey, so fuck off!


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