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Partial Biceps Tendon Tear

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Just found out I have a partial biceps tendon tear...
Anyone with experience?  Rehab ideas?  Supplements for faster healing?

Yes, physio and mostly stretching exercises, if you are past the acute stage (obviously you should be) i assume you have already iced it etc if you haven't already tried this stretching exercise do it....put your hand (the arm that's affected) straight down on the table then rotate it right around but keep yr palm flat on the table...lean gently push forward and hold for 10seconds (@ first its uncomfortable)....then release....then again 10 reps for 10 seconds each....several times a day....i did it and within roughly 3-4 weeks i had 80% movement back in 8-9 weeks i was pretty much on top of the Bicep tendon strain/partial tear i had....the key is CONSISTENCY like any injury....theres no quick fix rush it and i guarantee you will have problems.....and more problems hope this has been some help. 

I tore mine in june doing heavy strait bar curls herd the pop then dropped I'm just getting back to curling. It was a 42 percent tear . Were are you on your tear and how is it now ?and does it start to come down the arm again I think mine came down a little

Injures suck

John O:
I tore my distal biceps tendon. in 2001 (the bottom part of the bicep) It was a 100% tear my bicep rolled up to the shoulder. Injuries to the biceps tendon at the elbow usually occur when the elbow is forced straight against resistance. I was deadlifting.

Rupture of the biceps tendon at the elbow is unusual. It occurs in only one to two people per 100,000 each year.  ( Like my luck ?) LOL  I had to have it surgical repaired. They cut me in the front of the bicep & behind just above the elbow. I was in a cast for 8 weeks and after  a year of rehab The best I could turn my wrist was in the handshake poision  couldn't turn it palms up ( if someone hands me change I have to take it in my right hand. Still like that to this day  ::)

Wish you the best!


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