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Weak wrists


Does anyone else have weak ass wrists?  Mine are terrible.

When doing a rowing movement on a machine for back I can feel my wrists cracking and popping. Also when doing barbell curls it just kills them. My wrists hurt from doing barbell curls last night.

Guess I'll just have to use Lowe weight and higher reps and avoid barbell curls. Even the ez bar hurts but the straight bar is the worst.

Ever try reverse overhand grip EZ bar curls, even with a regular BB? Can do either with a thumbles (false grip) or usually thumb under the bar/EZ bar overhand grip. Might also suggest switching to only hammer DB curls for a change. Reverse curls and hammer style curls are  very much overlooked biceps builders.

Wonder if you have a calcium deposit in your wrist, to make that cracking and popping noise.  Does any of your wrist problems happen with pulling movements only, and not pushing/pressing movements? Even advancing arthritis could be a problem...hopefully not.

May also have nerve displacements in the wrist than could cause undo pain. Wrist and forearm massage could help, even with a calcium deposit problem. Lot of wrist problems have their start in the forearms and even the elbows, as the nerve paths travel down into the finger tips and blockage could occur. Not that uncommon.

Good Luck..

Good Luck..

Thanks for the great reply. I don't have a problem with dumbells and I curl up to 50lb for reps. It's just the barbel that gives me problems. I'll try that reverse grip and see if that helps.

As far as the popping I only notice it on pulling movements. Maybe my wrists are just genetically weak?

I do get this pain in my forearm as discussed in this thread. Goes from wrist to elbow.

Maybe u have a restriction in your forearm flexors
Or lack of external rotation in shoulders forcing too much stress on your wrists

Drop BB Curls and do reverse chins and superset with Parallel bar dips. Parallel bar dips will strengthen and stabilize your wrists. Reverse grip chinning the bar is kinder to your wrists but hits biceps and forearms very well. Rotating your hands in a DB curl... better incline curls i think might help too.


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