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On the way back from ripped pec.


Ripped my left pectoralis minor. Not a complete tear no tendon damage only muscle seperation. But u can see the ripped section when I hold up for a double bicep where it hooks to shoulder. It looks as if it's filling in some despite pretty much zero chest "work" just daily light weight 50 rep sets on machines that are comfortable.
 So far I can Over head press with dumbells but heaviest that is comfortable for now is about 50lb dbells. The heaviest barbell I can hold is 405 I rack pulled 495 for a few and feels to much strain in the chest so I keep shrugs and deads and racks to 4 plates.
  It Took a good 5 weeks after the injury for it to feel comfortable to even squat with my arms up accept front squats and machines. Leg training is going excellent despite the injury and back training is going well may be able to do actual pullups next session with minimal discomfort.
 Today I did OHP in the smith seated but only had a quarter on each side to just get blood in there.....slowly but surely it is healing but I am not sure how long it's going to take to get to where I can do a set of pressing without Bullshit discomfort. Each day is better.


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