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Wisconsin, huh?

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Gableman = in contempt.   

This just keeps getting better and better.  So far Bidenís victory has survived two recounts, multiple lawsuits, a nonpartisan audit and a review by a conservative law firm. Only a couple of dozen people out of nearly 3.3 million voters have been charged with fraud, numbers on par with past elections.

Good times!!!


--- Quote from: Coach is Back! on May 23, 2022, 05:25:44 PM ---Your dumbass obviously didnít watch a second of the uncut video. Troll

--- End quote ---

I watched the entire video. What do YOU find in her responses to be inaccurate?


--- Quote from: Coach is Back! on May 25, 2022, 07:08:11 PM ---Yet the evidence says otherwise

--- End quote ---

Calling BS... the evidence is overwhelming.. yet...

Hahahaha our Lil Extra Chromey Homie only sees what Trumpy and Tucker tells him to see.  He canít even articulate a response on something he has regurgitated once it has been refuted. 

If Qoach isnít the stupidest person in the world, then he better hope that other guy doesnít die.

Straw man goes away and agnostic shows up to take his place...


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