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Help with biceps, pic included

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1Here is a picture from me this summer, about a year and 4 months after I started to lift weights. As evident by the picture I have a bit of a problem developing my biceps

Believe it or not in that picture my arms are about 16.5 inches, but they look terribly under developed. Iíve gotten my arms up to 17.5 with a pump, but the overall shape of my biceps have yet to change.

I am not quite sure what to do. I know not everyone can develop a peak but I would like my biceps to be clearly distinguishable from my delts. Iíve been many things from a lot of people; high biceps, delts too big and the sort.

Does anyone have any advice, perhaps a routine? Iíve been told everything; youíre new at this, keep adding mass youíll fill in, more concentration work to develop peak, work brachialis to lengthen arms, ectÖ

This what I do now, pretty basic;
Barbell curls: 8X 4
Dumb Bell curls: 8x3
Ez-bar Preacher curls: 8x3
Cable curls 15x3

First things first I suppose, you cannot change the shape of your biceps, this is determined by genetics, the best you can do is develop your existing shape.

First thing I would suggest is to get a little bit leaner, as this will bring out the detail in your development a lot more.

Also no offence dude, but your forearms a little underdeveloped, so just wondering if you do things like deadlifts on back day? These will actually help to bring up your bi's again.

Also I would recomend lowering the volume on your biceps and hitting them heavy and hard, nice and fast and then leaving them plenty of time to recover. As the Universal ad says " Hit them hard and heavy and they will grow like weeds"

This is what I do at the moment

Warm up with EZ Bar, moderate weight for 2 sets of 12 reps.

HEAVY EZ bar curls ( easier on my wrists ) all I can handle for 8 solid, strict reps, for 2 sets.
HEAVY Preacher Curls, all i can handle for 10 solid, strict reps, for 2 sets.
HEAVY Concentration curls, all I can handle for 10 solid, strict reps, 2 sets and thats it I'm done.

I sometimes change it al around, doing different excercise, but the weight is always heavy ( for me ), the form always super strict.

I have noticed a big difference between when my mind things I should fail and when my body actually does. Keeping uping the weights just alittle each week, or try and eek out one more rep that last week, eat well and rest well and those bad boys will grow!

Also well done for posting your pic dude.

you're not doing enough reps and you're prolly not eating enough of the right foods, your genetics don't look very good to be honest, but you need to drop the fast food.

One of the more overlooked bicep exercises is the reverse grip BB curl. This incorporates the biceps with the forearms very strongly and has been know to give added growth to this region. Use a straight bar, medium grip, and try to keep the elbows close to the body (don't allow to flair out) coming up. Also the Zotterman DB curl is a excellent arm movement but will take a little time to learn it's correct preformence. The close grip (the first inside bend) EZ bar curl, with the elbows resting against the stomach, affects the biceps strongly. If you mean 8 (sets) X 4 (reps)  than I might suggest reducing the sets to 2-3 and upping the reps between 6-10. As you know, getting a great pump is not to be confused with actual muscle growth. It just means that you have gorged an area with way too much blood, that has no place to go at that time. It's backing up.

Example workout:

1) Reverse BB curl...medium grip
2) EZ bar curl...close grip
3) DB curls..standing
All 2 sets of 6-10 reps

Could also do:
1) BB curl... knee action & slight body bend (cheating is not a can make remarkable gains this way, as long as you have complete control of the bar during the exercise)
2) Zotterman DB curl
3) Incline DB curl...alternate
All 2 sets of 6-10 reps.

There are dozens of bicep (and tricep) combinations to try. Might give one of the above programs a try and see what happens. As said before, muscle inserts, bone length, etc influence weither you have a peaked or flat bicep. Same with the tricep or any other muscle group; high/low lats, shoulder width, hi/low calf's, etc. But you can always improve to your greater potentional with well planned out workouts. good Luck.

240 or bust:
For great arms...

train legs harder

eat more

train arms 2 days a week

use supersets

train longer


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