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Culter and high volume

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hey guys
I was wondering what do you guys think about jay cutler's traing style?? six exerise x 2-3 sets

would this be overtraining??  to most people using that kind of volume? 18-20 sets per bodypart going four days per week.


he is on roids

it works for me  :)

Although i use a sort of fusion.  I do 4 sets for some exercises like squat and bench.   I personally like the way these longer workouts make me feel.   I DO, however, believe that when volume is too high, you "Save yourself" for later sets.  I do easy exercises later in the workout, and try to go to failure on more or less everything. 

I think jay's training method is better when incorperated into your training, not followed to a T. 

beng on juice can make ur body handle more training i.e. training twice a day for intance, no normal natural athlete can train that much and not overtrain.


nah, just once a day. four days a week. reading how volume traing is the best way to gain mass. i  do not reall like going an exerise for four sets. so seeing how jay does five or six exerises and ends up doing the same amount of sets.

I have another question, do you guys like gloves or straps  for most workouts ??


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