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How do you measure progress in your training?

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What metric do you measure yourself with?

I used to log all my workouts and compare to the previous year, it was more about strength. Tracking the big 3 lifts and my other favorites.

These days i just go by how i look in the mirror.

If you're into strength training, i would record all your workouts and compare every 3-4 months. Make sure you are making at least some progression. Track your bodyweight too.

Take pictures every few months. Make sure you take the pictures in the same location as lighting and distance can make you look much different. You should be able to notice some good progress on the 6 month spread.

You won't notice on a daily basis, that's why you need to track workouts and take pictures. You should be able to see a substantial improvement in both every 4-6 months if you are training with intent and eating well.

Every month i take some pictures just to track progress. Sometimes i don't think i've changed much until i look at a picture that's 6 months old.

I also think it's important to get lean once a year for a month or two, that's the best way to see how much you have grown.

Good to hear how you do it.

Humble Narcissist:
I also used to keep training logs and now just go by feel and the mirror.  I also no longer use specific routines but just do whatever I feel like doing.  Training routines/programs are great for beginners and intermediates but really have nothing for me.

1. body fat
2. strength lost or gained. At this age it's truly maintenance
3. Power as demonstrated through such things as power cleaning, vertical leap or sprinting (Sprinting is off the books for now but I can dream I can get back to it.)
4. Most people think of strength as an 1 rep max. Another way to look at strength is truly muscular endurance. How fast can you do 5 sets of 10 with what weight?
5. How fast did you complete the work out?  If it took 80 minutes one work out and 70 minutes the next you increased your intensity even with the same weight and same reps.
6. The mirror is an obvious tool.
7. For older guys comparing yourself to your age peers. If you truly take an undelusional objective look are you looking better and performing better than the typical guy in your age group? 


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