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Phantom Spunker:
I'm a big fan of Down's syndrome. Almost to the point where it's a bit concerning. But not in a mocking way - I just get a kick out of these lovable oafs and often find myself searching for various clips of them on YouTube. I wish they made Down's syndrome versions of Action Man dolls.

Phantom Spunker:
I love the excessive, contrived politeness of street beggars. 'Hi, Sir, how you doing? Have a great day, yeah? Take care!' I'm doing fine but you're still getting fuck all.

Phantom Spunker:
I wish I had enough street cred to make 'Doja Cat' foam at the mouth and demand I sleep with her. Actually, I probably don't. I'm very conflicted right now.

Phantom Spunker:
I literally can't stop watching Doja Cat music videos. I need an intervention.

Phantom Spunker:
Some middle-aged mutant is sat about ten metres away from me at the airport, just farting himself into oblivion. Absolute pig. Wish it were legal to kill people.


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