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my final half decent workout.

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--- Quote from: funk51 on June 12, 2022, 05:55:30 AM ---   of course you can ask. just the accumulation of injuries down through the years numerous hip replacements, the open heart surgery, and the latest was the rotator cuff tear. my current routine is pretty pathetic. 20 minutes on the exercise bike. 5 sets lat pulldowns 20 reps with 80 lbs. 3 sets of  20 reps cable rows 50 lbs . 10 sets of db curls 20 reps w  15 lb dbs. 10 sets of 20 reps. tricep pressdowns 70 lbs . nothing to write home about. but at 70 years old i guess i should be happy to do anything. a good number of my friends are no longer with us.

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That truly sucks my friend.....I have a few medical maladies to deal with myself but presently, and I hope it stays that way, I can still workout hard but I`m limited cuz I`m at home with very basic equipment.
Hang in there, be careful,  and do what you can as often as you can taking recuperation into account of course.

Good luck bud, and stay positive no matter what the odds.....there`s always several things or more than you can improve on even if it takes a while longer than it did previously.

I agree with Wes.Do what you can as often as you feel you can and stay positive.A little is better than none.Best wishes

thanks, that's what keeps me going. ;D

Stick with it Funk.....things will improve over time bud.

Stay strong.

Never Stop Lifting!


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