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My steroid cycle and pics

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Hi friend my cycle is
4ml 4x week tst C
3ml 4x week deca
2ml 4x week EQ
12iu HGH after training IV
40iu humalog day
100mcg igf 1 lr3 after training
20mg cialis morning
50mg telmisartan morning

I am weight 120kg

My eating day
100g protein
100g dextrose
200g beef
100g rice

1l Apple juice
400g beef
200g pasta

Before training
100g dextrose
50g protein

In training
100g dextrose
50g protein

After training
100g dextrose
100g protein
10x raw eggs

Thanks your comments and sorry my english it is not my language

All that and those are your results?

Give it up.

Yes i am starting
Send your pics

That's a whole lot of drugs for minimal results.

how much dollars per week do you inject ? where are you from, do you use pharmacy stuff or u-lab ?


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