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c-sharp minor:
Let's see if this works.

That's me at 37 y/o. I'm 39 now, but no digicam to take new pics. Soon to be remedied.

Lifetime natty. ie no supps at all besides a multi-vitamin, and many, many rec drugs in my youth.  :D

Flame away.

Good build c sharp....once your 40 I see a NPC masters comp in your future.

damn bro! as white as winter but you're pretty fuckin big!

Oldschool Flip:
It's people like you and others who are over 35 that continue to impress me with your physiques. At 18-30 most males stay in pretty good shape, but once most of them get married, buy a house and have some kids, they let it all go and always say I used to be............

keep it up.

c-sharp minor:
Thanks for the compliments guys.

I was expecting to get ripped apart, seeing as this is GetBig, heh.  Flames are motivating, stops you from becoming complacent.

As far as being white - I live in Canada, it's always winter here. Global warming my a$$.

Oh, and I 'used to' have hair to my butt.  :P


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