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--- Quote from: c-sharp minor on March 14, 2007, 12:22:52 PM ---
I was expecting to get ripped apart, seeing as this is GetBig, heh.  Flames are motivating, stops you from becoming complacent.

--- End quote ---

don't worry, it will happen!!!

also, nice shape..... i just turn 40  :-\ , i look good, but not as good as you!!!

pretty big and solid for your age! keep it up my man!  do u juice? ;D

All Drugs!!! 

Regardless looks good bro. 


--- Quote from: Dballn247 on March 14, 2007, 05:09:46 PM ---All Drugs!!! 

Regardless looks good bro. 

--- End quote ---

You are pretty vascular.  Nah your not natural.  Not buying that.

I'm guessing he is that vascular and natural. I'm the same way, and the leaner I get, the freakier then veins become. He probably isn't huge overall, but due to his lack of body fat, and the way he has small joints with muscle bellies that seem to jump out at you, he looks far bigger than he is alluding by standing alone with a camera. This is not discrediting him by any means. Just that if you put him next to Darrem Charles or Dexter Jackson (meaning some of the smaller guys in the IFBB) you will see how small he might be.
Excellent work C-Sharp. :)


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