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Overcoming all odds to compete

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God Bless you all no ill feelings here
you see she has the last laugh because she was just picked up by a major nutrition company
and has yet to step foot on stage
I wonder who picked you up
oh thats correct no one
If you have nothing positive to say look in the mirror and reavuate your life.

Laura Lee:

--- Quote from: roeperson on October 11, 2007, 08:39:37 AM ---. Check out these pics and link to this a slide show of Lisa Person. She started training for her first Figure Competition in March at a weight of 170lbs She decided to do it. To get healthy and get rid of all the Baby weight she was carrying from being on bed- rest for 3 months and on top of that having a C-section. After the 2nd baby Lisa was 190 lbs August of “06”
Lisa is now an astonishing 125lbs and has 10 more to lose for her show she went from just wanting to get on stage to becoming a serious contender. There have been a few Newspapers and publications that are talking to her about doing a story on her.
Lisa has been such an inspiration just because she has been through so much in the last 5 years. Lisa has a child that was born 4 months early this child has had over 25 surgeries and procedures almost died on Christmas day “01” to this day we still have nurses in our house for 16 hours a day. This is to ensure Kayla’s health and safety.
During this past 5 years Lisa would train but never consistently work out.
Last Feb Lisa put her foot down and decided if she wanted to lie long and have a productive life she was going to have to lose the weight. The only way she was going to be motivated is if she had to get onstage half naked in front of 1000 people so she decided to do a National qualifier the Gold’s Classic in NJ . As of now Lisa has 10 more lbs to lose and is training like no one I have ever scene train. She does 45 min am cardio goes back to the gym at 4:30 and lifts 188 reps in a row dumbbells at 80% of her max  full body she get 90 sec break back at it  for 2 more times then another 30-45min of cardio. This is a very strong woman so when I say at 80% an example is 35-40 dumbbells doing squatted shoulder presses for 18 reps. I’ve actually scene her do a drop set with 500lbs on the leg press of 40 reps she dropped to 2 plates crazy.
   I just hope you get a chance to check out her progress I believe you will enjoy.
because Lisa is truly an inspiration to many.  We just got news that she may be one of the next transformations of the week winners. And I wont mention any names but a major Nutrition company is interested in putting Lisa in some transformation adds Here is a link to a Youtube before and after slide show of Lisa.

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Great job Lisa!  Rock that stage!!! 

I'd be willing to bet that black boyfriend of hers liked her better when she was obese. That's how they like em'


--- Quote from: XFACTOR on October 17, 2007, 09:44:10 AM ---I'd be willing to bet that black boyfriend of hers liked her better when she was obese. That's how they like em'

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is that why your momma is 300lbs?


--- Quote from: affy on October 17, 2007, 09:49:47 AM ---is that why your momma is 300lbs?

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You make no sense.  "Affy"


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