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Hi All. In about 3 weeks I will be taking a set of pics after my 18 week diet. Some will be in color and others in black and white. My question to you all is about lighting. How did you manipulate lighting to get the best pics possible. Most will be taken out doors so I'm sure the time of the day will matter too. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.....

Avoid direct sunlight...

And dammit - do NOT use the flash when looking into a mirror ever . . ..

Avoid hard (direct) light combined (dark) shadows - with too much range
between darker areas and extremely bright areas. Like having subject
standing partly in direct light and partly under a tree or eve of a house.
reduce the range of contrast in the shot . . .

A partly overcast or cloudy day is best for diffused (softer) or indirect light
with less (angular) hard shadows is more pleasing . . .

If you can obtain a piece of foamcore (what you would mount a poster to)
or those regular photo (bought) type of folding gold on one side - silver on other
for warming or cooling this light source (likely sun) and have a friend hold it to
cast or reflect light from the opposite direction of light source.
Evening out the areas of light on the subject.

If the camera has exposure compensation bring IT down 1/2 to 2/3 below
to keep from burning up the highlights.

Overshot the same basic shot shoot 5 times the images that you actually need or want.

Do not routinely position subject directly in the middle of the shot . . .

Try varied angles in cameras position (within reason - of course)

Try 3/4 framed (subject is filling 75% of frame) - knee to head shot.
Not the person being 10% of image area

PM me IF you need some clarifaction or more ideas.


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Wearing pants in the pics is a good idea.

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