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Kevin Levrone on Crank Yankers?

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The puppet was fuken cool. It actually looked like Kev. The had the big ass shoulders and the little waist. They had it moving his pecs and flexing it was funny. The episode in on ondemand or indemand whatever its called.

 They also had another puppet in the background that was raging out of his mind. He was downing supplements straight from the bottles and ramming his head into mirrors and sh$t.


--- Quote from: irongrip400 on January 02, 2006, 01:26:48 PM ---what does pwned mean?  sorry

--- End quote ---

Nerd talk for owned.  It does not have anything to do with playstation - never did.  The origin of it is unclear but it was from a PC game where somebody misspelled owned.

Whilst enjoying pc games the benefits of consoles are obvious, they are instantly engaging and much cheaper to turn on and start playing from the get go.  All games are written to perform on exact same hardware, there is very little framerate tweaking required.. no upgrading or that nonsense.  So thats the virtue of a console.  Sitting at a computer is also mostly anti-social and consoles lend a bit better to multiplayer (though pcs are fantastic for internet play).

Since this has been bumped has anybody obtained a copy? (either audio or video will do)

Someone please get a clip and put it on here..  I wanna see this.


--- Quote from: Brixtonbulldog on January 07, 2006, 08:34:26 PM ---Someone please get a clip and put it on here..  I wanna see this.

--- End quote ---
yes, me too

As for the title of that TV show, it reminds me of the name of a dirty video: CRACK SNACKERS.  LOL


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