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Kevin Levrone on Crank Yankers?

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Niles Standish always devolves into a weak bunch of innuendo based requests.  He is amusing at the start though.. generally.

Oliver Klaushof:
Kevin was owned. Niles is Sir Duchaine btw.


--- Quote from: DonkeyKong on December 06, 2005, 02:07:05 PM ---Levrone was pwned there.

--- End quote ---



what does pwned mean?  sorry

it's something that i was shocked that anyone over 20 years old uses. to my understanding it means owned but the p i guess is for playstation cause playstation players use it. by the way when are people going to realize that the PC is 100 times better for gaming? true you have to buy expensive hardware to have the best graphics but the games on PC are unbeatable in depth and quality. of course if your idea of gaming is to have a button smashing good time then stick to a console. and the keyboard/mouse is MUCH better than the gamepad for most games exept fight sims. for those who say it's not... it's like anything else, you gotta get used to it.


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