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Natural Bodybuilders Vs. Steroid Users (FOR THE KIDS)

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Oliver Klaushof:
If you are about to take steroids you crazy young people think it out carefully. Be aware that you can screw up your body's natural ability to produce testosterone for the rest of your life. If the idea of taking testosterone supplementation with a prescription for the rest of your life is bad enough, consider how small your nuts will shrink  ;D

Honestly I think there are three reasons guys lift weights:

-They want to attract females.
-They want to intimidate other guys.
-To create envy in other guys.(vanity)

What else could it be?

Chances are you aren't gonna make any money doing it.
If you're using steroids it damn sure isn't healthy.

It's so primitive isn't it. It's cave man shit.  :)

Well I started getting into it a year or so ago because I'm somewhat vain haha. I like to be the best I can be in all aspects of my life - and I want people to see that. Chicks too!! Chicks dig a guy with a good body no matter what they might tell you.
(They like an above average cock too, but that's another board  ;))

But just like women don't want a life partner with a 12" cock, most of them don't want a guy(the real lookers) with a musculature like Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler. That's too extreme. They want a man with a fashion model physique and a handsome face. (and a above average cock too) When women see a bloated steroid abuser they see a guy that's insecure. A man who's self-worth is completely tied to his body image. Besides, bloated steroid users with back acne and red faces are a dime a dozen in any "hardcore gym"  ;D

Now when a woman sees a guy with a fitness build or a body like Steeve Reeves they see a well rounded person - a potential mate  :o

The point of this rant is - 99.9% of the population have nothing to gain from bodybuilding with steroids and everything to gain from natural bodybuilding. Hard work pays off. It's all about delayed gratification!

I never thought I'd see the day when mansonvier and I actually agreed,
...but on this issue, I couldn't agree with him more.

Kiddies... JUST SAY NO! steroids, squirrel nuts and man-boobies!  ;D

Oliver Klaushof:

--- Quote from: jaguarenterprises on January 22, 2006, 03:20:11 AM ---I never thought I'd see the day when mansonvier and I actually agreed,
...but on this issue, I couldn't agree with him more.

--- End quote ---

You and most women like above average cocks, but not of the 12" variety?

If anyone bodybuilds mainly to get women I guarantee they won't last long.  You have to do this for yourself because this is a selfish lifestyle. You think that most women or anyone for that matter will understand when you have to go eat for the 5th time at 3 o clock in the afternoon, when you have to go train, when you have to go tanning, etc?

I admit that when I started training 4 years ago it was only to look better for the girls. Shortly after that I realized that I loved doing it for me and only me. And thats the way its gotta be if you're serious about this. All the glances and attention from people are secondary and not the reason you keep going.

there's several other reasons to life weights


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