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I'm shocked at how many fans of steroids there are on this site.  I guess I shouldn't be considering that the "sport" is based on drug use.  If drugs was eliminated the sport would cease to exist.  The magazines would fold. The supplement companies using roided up bodybuilders in their ads would suffer major losses.  I'm sure some will counter that all sports use drugs.  This isn't true.  Pro bodybuilding is 100% drug use.

Bodybuilding drugs affects the mind as much as the body.  When you're on the juice you feel confident,aggressive and have a feeling of well being.  When you're off cycle as the drugs leave your system you feel nervous,meek, and depressed.  Using steroids,GH, insulin, LH hormone,diuretics,speed,anti estrogens;oil injection and who knows what else is madness to pose in your underwear.  They are a risk to health. 

They also affect the heart.  Heart disease is the number one killer in the world.  The heart is the most important muscle.  If the heart muscle was located outside the body bodybuilders would train it like mad.  Steroids increase blood pressure.  They change ratios of HDL and LDL for the worse.  The quickly added bodyweight is a strain on the heart much like being obese is.  Diuretics can stop your heart quickly as it depletes potassium.  Your liver enzymes go up as it cleans and processes the drugs out of your system.  How many kidney problems have we seen with pro bodybuilders?  Could all the stomach/digestive conditions be a result of GH?  How many young roid users have enlarged prostates from all the androgens?

This subculture of a sport does attract a lot of insecure young men.  I would hate to see them being given pharmaceutical advice from a steroid dealer who probably delivered pizzas prior to his drug dealing job.  Will every one who uses steroids develop health problems?  The obvious answer is no and the same can be said for heroin users.

Steroid users think the public is in awe of them. The fact is that they are laughing at them.  I was on the beach when a roided up guy went by and the family on the blanket next to me made horse sounds.  The implication is clear.  They were implying that he didn't earn those muscles.

I'm sure many of you think that I'm not a fan of bodybuilding.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I have been lifting for over 30 years.  I have seen steroid users quit after cycling on and off 10 years.  They quit due financial,health or legal reasons. Then they usually quit lifting because it seems like a waste of time off the juice.  Training natural has so many benefits it would take to many words to put in this post.  One thing is for sure is that if you train natural don't ever compare yourself to the drug user on the bench next you.  You should never let a drug user feel superior to you.  Sooner or later he has to come off the juice and then you can compare.

Oliver Klaushof:
Besides the obvious health problems, I imagine it would be extremely depressing coming off of steroids. Losing all that muscle so fast...

waking up hungover isnt fun but the night before is usually worth it

(although im a natural)


--- Quote from: Cavalier22 on January 24, 2006, 06:29:13 PM ---waking up hungover isnt fun but the night before is usually worth it

(although im a natural)

--- End quote ---

uummmmmm i don't see recreational drugs mentioned...

was that allegory?

I think that he meant that maybe whatever it is like coming off cycle is (or could be) worth it.


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