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Men's Physique - How Come and What's Next???

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Photos of Buendia, Poston, and Terry .... (See comment above)

Another most noteworthy contender in this year's Olympia Classic Physique is SADIK HADZOVIK.

Some insiders (no IFBB officials) claim that he will be the overall winner.

But they may be overlooking DANNY HESTER!!!

thank you so much for sharing this topic......will you tell me plz ....if any injury occured while lifting?

It's been a while since I visited this section of this GetBig Board and here's my attempt to keep it updated as much as possible which is impossible since I do not follow Physique nor Classic Physique to be any expert on the subect.

There are always competitive rumor floating around the gym but one such rumor may become an actuality at  next year's Olympia Physique competitions. (Will a Classic Physique event even be held during the 2017Olympia?)

Most rumors are mostly bullshit but Australia's Calum Von Moger just might enter it next year (2017) as well as Canada's new bodybuiding IFBB Pro, Chris Bumstead, who apparently does not want to add the additional mass that would probably be required if he wanted to do well within any IFBB Pro Bodybuilding event.

Nothing definite about Bumstead due to the fact that his participation in the 2017 Oly is only a guesstimate but Calum somewhat mentioned it on one of his Instagram comments.

Actually he asked his fans if he should enter it and received a lot of encouragement to do so. And Bumstead has been somewhat silent on his future competitive plans.

Does all of this sound like that TMZ TV show?

Photos of Bumstead are posted above.

Here's Calum...

Would Calum beat Bumstead in a Physique event at the 2017 Oly?

It would be the first time out for both of them.

Who do you think will be main contenders?


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