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--- Quote from: The True Adonis on October 13, 2006, 09:42:34 AM ---VERY GOOD POINT!

I cannot wait to show you guys my next level of leanness. 

These photos are perfection in my mind.  I think everyone needs to realize that ANY LEVEL of CONDITIONING IS POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE TO ATTAIN, as long as they know how.

And,indeed. I have the how figured out.  At this point it is a waiting game of my choosing.

There is no difficulty anymore.  And I will show you that.

And yes, I will still eat Ice Cream and Cookies and Doughnuts whilst doing so!

--- End quote ---

ALL NATURAl...yeah,ok!


--- Quote from: McFarland on October 13, 2006, 09:39:06 AM ---This joker's shredded.  Look where the tip of the teardrop originates.  That's how you know.  It's interesting how alot of IFBB pros can get striations and many more of the hallmark signs of being ripped, but you know this guy got close to the end because of the depth you see there in the quad insertions and stuff.  See that guy could play with his carbs over the next couple of weeks and look a million different variations of awesome.  Even natural.  I've seen it done a few times and it's really impressive the dramatic physiological changes that take place in a physique this conditioned.  You need a physique that is conditioned to a very finite and consistent diet to reach a level like this, IMO.  When you are here you are able to stimulate visibly dramatic changes in your look by not-so-dramatic dietary changes, if you consider food intake changes inside of 150-300 calories a day relatively insignificant.     

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I think he's a natural liar...


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