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--- Quote from: GET_BIGGER on January 11, 2007, 08:13:12 PM ---Looks good my friend, welome to Getbig, glad to have you.  Please contribute as much as possible, would love to have your experience.  What do you use as far as supplements?  I think its crazy how they have changed over the last 10 years, let alone 35.  What has worked for you?

--- End quote ---

Definately glad to have u, and would love to hear how u have chnged ur views on bodyuilding, what works/what doesnt etc over the years?!


Yup what these dudes have said , would love to hear from your experience the do's and don'ts on diet/cardio/weights  :) welcome  :)

Hello ,Everyone !
I Insist that be a natural bodybuilder life-time !
Basically I eat natural food ,and take whey protein creatine glutamine only .
My training philosophy is HIGH-INTENSITY !!
Keep lean all year around !
Train hard or go home !!

here are pics took today (before work-out).

And my Taiwan's bodybuilding web :

Casey Butt:
Huang, you're an inspiration to anyone who wants to have an amazing body as they age.

Hung or whatever it is  ;D  what body fat % are you in those pics and how low have u been? i posted a thread in nutrition about fat burning foods and got a bit of crap saying 5% is bs unless drugged....  ???


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