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What do YOU like about Natural Bodybuilding? or being a Natural Bodybuilder?

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Let's keep this positive with no bashing of our "enhanced" brothers/sisters.

1. A cheaper supplement bill

2. Being able to take some time off training without loss of size/strength

3. Having all the girls drool at you.

4. Knowing you did it all on your own from hard work.

5. Knowing you won't run out of juice with the ladies.

6. Staying healthy.

7. Better shape and symmetry.

8. Builds a good attitude and healthy mind.

9. No need for posedowns in thongs.

10. Strength unlimited.

14. Making gains is very satisfying knowing it was achieved through hard work and not by taking 'enhancers' where anyone would grow.

15. Having a small gut (most of the time  ;D)

16. Still being able to fit in and look 'normal' with clothes on.

17.  Knowing that by being a nattie I am extending my life rather than shortening it by taking the other route.

18. Not having to bullshit your friends or family about your sudden gains.

19. The ability and inclination to cross train.

20. Not go through depression when out of sups

21. No back acne.

22. No non genetic early on set male baldness.

legal , healthy , cheap


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