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Thank You Lee:

I am new to this message board, but would like to thank you Lee.

In the last two years, i have lost 2 good friends to cancer, the latest one was only 32 (pancreatic cancer). After Tracy died, I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror, and I was disgusted. 6'2", 295, out of shape, fat and I quickly realized my days were going to be short if I don't do something about it soon.

A friend at work gave me his MD Mag to read, and the article that caught my attention, the Priest Confessional. Here is a guy who is not just a professional bodybuilder, but also has a life outside of his work, and could care less what anyone thinks about it. I have read numerous interviews with you in several other sources, and you never change, your always true to yourself.

You are what motivated me to get my life back, and get back in shape. If someone like you can put so much effort and discipline into just your body and still have anything/everything outside of that also, so can I.

Since January of this year, (using moderate E/C/A stack and lots of cardio/diet) i have slimmed down to 250 lbs, currently I use a 4 day double split training routine (my body responds better to each bodypart 2x a week) but I have to train instinctively much like you Lee, but I have to because I rotate shift at work every 7 days, not so much out of choice.

Anyway, before this thread gets mushy or anything, I just want to thank Lee Priest for not just being himself, but for being an inspiration for others.

P.S. The Stupid Question of the month you responded to in August issue of MD, pg 300 about the Liquid Plumr was simply hilarious.  ;D


240 or bust:
cancer is one scary killer.

best of luck in your continued weight loss.

Steve-o glad to hear you are doing well in life and with your traing.You don't need to thank me your the one who did it all.Just keep up the good work and never quit.
Take care

Jr. Yates:
good for you! keep it up!

right on, and im sure you dont realize it yourself but even your post is probably inspiring people, or at least i hope so


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