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Ed Corney - back online


Ed and I have put together a new official website for him . . . His old site and .com domain expired and were snatched up by some folks while he was very ill in 1999.  Just as an aside, they wanted $3,500 to give the URL back to him when I contacted them last month even though they've done nothing with it since they stole it in 1999!  . . . nice folks huh? 

Anyway, Ed's never one to look back in anger . . . so we're up and running now with a totally new site.

I have ALL of Ed's collection of 30+ years of memorabilia, photos, snapshots, letters, news clippings, etc. . . . I'm slowly working my way through restoring them and posting them . . . some of them for the first time anywhere.

You can visit his new official website at

The attention that the new website has created has really made Ed very happy.  You can show your support for him by visiting the site and maybe leaving a personal message for him on the guestbook page at

Thanks - Joel

I'd like you all to show your support for Ed and go by for a look...unless that is you think you will look like him at 60  ;D

Ed will be doing a live on-line interview on on 1/21/06 at 1pm PST.  You can join the boards over there and participate by going to

You can either show up live at the time of the interview or post your questions before and come back to see the answers later on.

Thanks - Joel

Ed is one of the class acts of bodybuilding, & possibly the finest poser who ever lived.


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