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family issues

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How did you guys make your family/significant other realize that bodybuilding was something that you wanted to do? My gf is really against the lifestyle and steroids, and I cant seem to make her realize how important it is to me. What did you guys do to make them see your drive and dedication?

Tell me when you figer it out (im not joking) i almost have the exact same problem. :(

Its tough, been married 5 years, still working on it.

Arnold jr:
This is something that you just have to let go of, or it will drive you crazy.  A lot of my friends and family think I'm absolutely nuts... but I'm not in this to get their approval or's something you have to be in and do for yourself, no one else.

If it's tough to get them to understand, then you're with the wrong person.

Move on.


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