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i am sick with bodybuilding

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man im bodybuilding for the last three not thinking of becoming a pro or anything like a final year medical student but im over obssessed with thinking 24 hrs about bbing.also my college contest is three months away,i feel depressed but cannt stop thinking.i have quit smoking four months now going to cutt but during cutting im afraid ill again start smoking.any suggestions because a lot of u r also obssesssed with bbing.

all part of the sport my friend

i think you need to give yourself a break from time to time and think long term. bodybuilding is something you can do for life, but exams is probably just this time in your life or maybe for the next few years depending on where you at... quitting smoking is a wise decision gotta stay with that no matter what i think.
maybe you can cut back and just maintain what you got, that doesnt require as big commitment, you dont need to be at the gym as much, hit it as hard, eat as much or clean... (there's also plenty of programs that are based around being in the gym just 2-3 times a week, less exercises and sets now might be a good idea to try one of them) and then when you get more time you can pick up the pace a little more...
thinking long term is the key here.

Dude I feel you. I was the same way especially after i took home a deserving 2nd at my first show last may. I didnt take a day off. The day after I lost I graduated from Morehouse College and trained the same day. Up until it damn near comsumed me. I had a talk with a couple of pros who told me that bodybuilding will be here and to just take a break. I thought they were crazy but after reassessing the situation (they were pros and im not) i took there advise and it was the best thing that could have happend to me. But we are all different. And you are soo cool for going to med school. 

Many smokers i have known told me that if you can stop smoking for 2 days, you can stop smoking forever.  Keep working hard bro, it will come!


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