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Jr. Yates:
how many of you guys train alone or have a partner. I've had someone train with me for quite some time now but i have to start alone.  I find i can really get a full mind-muscle connection when no one is there to touch the bar and i get a satisfaction that i know its my muscle lifting the weight.

I understand what your saying, but my buddy that I lift with sometimes will push me to the edge and I thank him for it ever time. When I want to give up he'll rase his voice and make me do another rep.

Jr. Yates:
yeah thats what ill miss is things like that but i guess im just going to have to do that to my self mentally

Jr. Franco:
Hey trev whens gordie leaving, and where do you trains now, golds?

Arnold jr:
I can get more motivated sometimes without a partner. If I'm flying solo, I know ahead of time that it is going to be up to me and me alone to push myself, and I won't tolerate a shitty workout, so I can push myself just fine. Sometimes is also nice training alone because you are able to focus on the task at hand with a little more concentration.


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