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Suprise Another ? for Lee

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Arnold jr:
You have always been one of the few out there who is open about their gear use, so I thought I'd give this question a shot. I know you don't use a lot of gear, all I can remember you mentioning is some low doses of deca and winny, and if I remember correctly you don't use any I wrong with that assumption? I would have put this in the gear section, but never seen you post there before.

My question is what you think about cycles without test? If you run cycles of deca without test, how do you combat against progesterone sides and suppression? The reason I ask is that on another board I frequent there is another Pro who has been trying to convince me that test is not necessary in a deca cycle. He says that a dose of 600MG B-6 will take care of the progesterone sides, and in short he finds that while test is usefull it is highly overrated and too much emphasis is put on it in most circles. What say you?

For the rest of you on this board, I will not post on an open forum who this pro is... so don't ask. If he wants to reveal himself on this board I'll leave that up to him.

I have done a very small Deca only cycle and was fairly happy considering it was my first injectable and only about 300mgs a week.

Now, what was this other pro's name again?

Arnold jr:

--- Quote from: blaster on January 17, 2006, 09:13:27 PM ---

Now, what was this other pro's name again?

--- End quote ---

Yea just what Lee needs.  Incriminating evidence for some young hot shot proscuter trying to make a name for himself.  Good luck Jr.

I know for a fact Lee has used Ephedrine before ------ oh shit now I have gone and done it, Lees ganna get busted big time!!!

Sorry Bro !!!! you know I love ya!!!


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