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Need some advice Lee

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Lee can u please tell me how many cheat meals you recommend when dieting? 

OK heres the thing in cheat meals--- and this is how lee works it,

When Dieting and on a consistant calorie intake the body adapts to this consistency after about 6-8 days, thus the metabolic rate slows, so in order to "kick start the metabolic rate back up you can do one of two things:-
1)You can either dramatical cut your calories which causes a metabolic shift or
2)You can dramatical increase your calories  which also causes a metabolic swing
    One is not the preferred option as theoretically you should be already in a negative caloric state to be burning fat for energy-- and dropping Cal's even more would just eventuate in muscle loss !!
    Two on the other hand is the far better option for it speeds the metabolic rate up higher for longer due to the increased glycogen storage which ifs fuel for the metabolic  system and you don't suffer muscle loss !!!
    The trick here is to make sure you really over eat on your cheat day to force the body to speed its rate dramatically to compensate for the huge influx of Cal's:-

Example --- Lee eats around 3400 Cal's per day whilst dieting getting down to around 2900 at his lowest----- so on his cheat day he would aim for at least 6-8000 Cal's min to force the metabolic enhancement.
Now trying to eat 8000 Cal's in clean food is  pretty damm hard so junk food does come into play but he always has his first and last meal according to plan , and he also keeps a large protein intake in as well, so he Cheats from around 10 am to 8pm at night .

This is a very effective way to enhance your metabolism and some of you might have done this with out knowing, lets say you watch what you eat all week and then an Sun day you grab a burger and a pizza cause you just cant be screwed with rice and chicken any more , then on Monday morn you wake up starving !!! thats a metabolic shift !!!

As lee gets closer to a show (4-3 weeks out) the cheats come down to one meal and with in this meal around 3000 Cal's are consumed---- then last week it is all clean , !!!

Thanks for the response, I appreciate it.  One question, how come Lee doesn't respond to me?

He,s busy dieting and traveling around dragracing as the drag season has just started--- nothing personal to any one !!!

How do you know him so well?


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