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Can you tell if someone competes drug free?

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In competing in a natural bodybuilding contest, you always see this "Every athlete is polygraphed and class winners are urine tested. That is the best way to ensure that all our athletes are truly drug free."

However, sometimes you just feel that the guy on stage there can not be drug free. Realistically, is there a way you can tell if someone is drug free, or go by their word?

Oliver Klaushof:
I think you can tell, if you use the bodybuilders of the early 50s for comparison. If someone looks alot bigger and defined than Steve Reeves it throws up a red flag in my mind.

Who would want to look much bigger than this anyway?


--- Quote from: mansonvier on January 21, 2006, 10:25:39 PM ---Who would want to look much bigger than this anyway?

--- End quote ---

Someone with serious issues!

I do believe that nowadays than you can get much bigger than steve reeves naturally tho i agree with the point about you may not get much much leaner.

advances in diet and nutrition have helped immensely. the training is basically the same as it has always been, same principles etc. It is the drugs and diet which have changed bodybuilding from the early years to now.

Oliver Klaushof:
I agree that you can get bigger than Reeves today naturally, but I believe it's quite rare.


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