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Oliver Klaushof:
- What you can achieve or surpass -

Steeve Reeves - The original Hercules

Oliver Klaushof:
Gustav Fristensky - World Physique Champ 1903 at 6' 220pounds

Oliver Klaushof:
Eugene Sandow - 5'9'' 202pounds in 1902

Oliver Klaushof:
"Maxick" - 5' 140pounds

Oliver Klaushof:
Vince Gironda aka "The Iron Guru" trained natural and lived to be 79 years old.
Vince was the original H.I.T. man. He believed in working out until a "pump" was achieved. Going past this was pointless. He also believed sit-ups were useless for beginners because it burned too many calories and caused hormone levels to drop. He, along with Mike Mentzer were both on Weider's shit list because he was advocating methods entirely contrary to Joe's marathon programs published in the magazines.


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