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The best diet I ever went on....

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Jr. Yates:
yeah I hope you'll be alright! Shit man thanks for posting that.

wes mantooth:
what sides did you have that matched up to kidney failure? just curious...

Damn. Sorry about your health problems. That's one reason I haven't done gear before now. I think I will do it the future but be overly careful.

Wow, thank for the "Honest" post. I have pondered whether to use gear or not ??? ???
We wish you a healthy recovery

I appreciate your comments more than you guys will ever know.  My body is not breaking down creatinine any more and as most of you know it is a bi-product of creatine and in turn is a toxin.  I tested at about 1200 when the cut off is about 204 for the normal person.  I know it was because of my six day a week balls to the wall in combination with usage though.  I know that I probably did have a genetic predisposition to it because one of my grandfather's is on dialysis this very day.  I used and reaped the rewards for a while but never to the point of looking like a pro.  I was more the huge puffy type with bad calves.  Now I'm Joe Everbody with even worse calves.  Be careful ya'll.  Please.


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