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New Jack Dies



Humble Narcissist:

Andy Griffin:
Originally from Greensboro, NC.

RIP New Jack.

58 years old - heart attack - as hardcore as they come. A real life criminal who grew up in a very rough neighbourhood in Harlem NY. RIP

NJ rode shotgun with me several times.

I picked him up at the Greyhound bus station on occasion for our indy shows. This was around 2004-ish.
He tended to “live his gimmick,” staying in character and gently kayfabing even me (while just the two of us in my own car) as we drove to Wendy’s after picking up some elbow supports at the local Dunham’s.

He spilled his iced tea on the floor of my Camaro, which marked the last time I picked him up.

FWIW: Balls Mahoney drove the exact year, model and color car as me during this period.


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