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Female bodybuilders/roids/public perception

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  Steroids has been and will always  be a part of bodybuilding.  With that being said I personally don't see nothing wrong with female bodybuilders using steroids. The main reason why the girls keep getting bigger is because the judges always give the titles to the bigger girls.  Its always going to be that way.  The judges might say they want to see the girls less muscular but at the end of the day the day the biggest girl will walk ys away with the title.  It will always be that way until every female competitor decide to aim for the asthetic rather than the bulky look.


--- Quote from: Chamorrita on October 16, 2006, 01:47:55 PM ---Has anyone ever read the book, Women of Steel, by Maria Lowe?

It's a great book on female body building.  Maria is a sociologist and she interviewed many body builders, judges, and others involved in this world.  I thought she did a great job describing (through her "interviewees")  the struggles that female body builders, ie the training, drugs, social stigmas, etc. experience.  Also, she shows the benefits-including strength and self-esteem increases. 
She interviews some judges...some who are very supportive of women's body building and some who are so sexist.

I think its a great read.  There are also some fantastic photos in there by Steve Wennerstrom and WPW.

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going to pick that up, thanks!

when did this come out


--- Quote from: Medford on October 20, 2006, 04:13:14 PM ---when did this come out

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I read it many years ago.  Let me check the printing date.................... ........................ ........................ .......1998.  The correct title and author is:  Women of Steel  by Maria R. Lowe

She classifies "more muscular bodybuilders" as Paula Bircumshaw and Bev Francis.  Wow, how things have changed!


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