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--- Quote from: TheBlockHead on October 05, 2006, 11:44:26 AM --- True. The good news is female BB will be back in the limelight rhyming tite getting paid and blowing up like the World Trade within the next 2-3 years.

 I think Jody Jo Miller is going to usher in a new(but old) look. If it can go backwards to the McLish/Everson/Creavalle(sp?) days...that would be a giant step for female BB. IFBB professional BB needs a Brit Miller and an Emmanuella Pintus, although I think she went to FIGURE now.

 Girls with that look and physique can bring in the revenue and fill seats. The problem is...when female BB is where it needs to be there will always be one girl who steps it up a little...then gets rewarded for it...then another 2-3 will step it up a little...then another reward is given...then another and another and girls like Jody Jo and an Emmanuella will die out and it will give way to the female freaks. The cycle will repeat itself unless the judges swear a blood oath to NEVER reward obvious steroid, freak look and reward the latter.

 Oh shit...I gotta run before Stella or The BEAST see me in here...I never got approved to post here...

--- End quote ---

You don't need to be approved to post here, so calm down ;D

I agree with your post [shock!]. Someone like Jodi Miller switching from figure is a rarity, most cases it is the other way Pintus switching to figure. I think many women who would have stayed in bodybuilding, or have considered switching from figure - don't as they are not prepared to roid to the gills and feel they cannot be competitive. Numerous figure girls started out as bb and switched for this reason.

It does require changes at the judging level.


 Holla! I know that lots of girls who started out as BB's switch to figure and the 31 reason WHY they switch is because they know that to be competitive and to place they will HAVE to take a ride on the WILD SIDE! WIIIIILD SIDE! (Going to see Motley Crue tonite so I'm getting psyched up...nevermind)

  If you think about it...the problem lies with the judges. It is because of the judges lots of girls upped the dosages so much they became grotesque.

 Judges somewhere down the line rewarded the biggest and freakiest and it spilled over even to the amature level. Now the girls and female BB is in a rut and finally NOW trying to get back on track and go back in time to save the future.

 Sounds like a movie script, huh? To even break it down even further let's examine the human competitive spirit. There will always be a person who wants to be better than the other so they will do what they got to do to do's nature of the athlete. Just the other day I spoke with a 'mod' on here and she was in shock and a little disgusted by a girl who won her first show(Figure-short) a few weeks back in Chicagoland who's only 20yrs old. She asked this 'mod' if it would be a good idea to start using winstrol and anavar and clen for her next show...all because some 'dealer' at her gym said it would be and thats 'what the pros do'. You see?

 There will always be someone ready to take it to the next level and do what they have to do to stay on top. Unless God can snap his fingers and rewire the thinking and programing of our primitive brains...I can't see things changing for the better permenantly.

I am currently preparing for the the lightweight division at Nationals in Miami.  I have yet to "take a ride on the wild side."  And I refuse to ever do so.  I already didn't get a pro card in figure, so I have nothing to lose by remaining natural.  Instead, I have everything to gain, especially if I can convince other women that bodybuilding can be done naturally and you don't have to be huge to make an impact.  I weigh 110 lbs. at five weeks out...not much different than I did with figure, except I'm leaner, fuller, and more balanced.

I have no expectations for this show except to have fun!  My birthday is November 8, so this is my present to me, and I'll get to see a ton of my friends, flex a bunch, and act a fool on stage.

I do think that because we are already a group of athletes and individuals with a mindset that more is better and nothing is ever good enough, it's easy to keep trying to reach that next level.  But sometimes that next level doesn't mean size.  It can mean a refinement in the details--the conditioning, the shape, the balance, the overall look and appeal of a body.

Bodybuilders need to return to the idea that they are artists, and they have a piece of clay with which to sculpt and present.

Jodi that's great, how bout a couple of picts here

I'm taking some progress pictures this evening, but I'll have to examine them and see if I really want to post one outside of my members' area.  I generally don't do that.


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