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2008 Ironman Lifetime Achievement Awards


Every year John Balik and Iron Man Magazine honorís the great people who have contributed to bodybuilding in the past.  Here is the list of winners...

Reg Park 2008
Mickey Hargitay 2007
Jim Manion 2006
Jim Lorimer 2005
Ben Weider 2004
Bill Pearl 2003
Jack LaLanne 2002
Armand Tanny 2001
Joe Gold 2000
Joe Weider 1999
Vince Gironda 1998

For the Art Zeller Artistic Achievement Awards, here is the list who have won in the past...

Bob Gardner 2006
Albert Busek 2005
Chris Lund 2004
Leo Stern 2003
Jimmy Caruso 2002
Gene Mozee 2001
Russ Warner 2000


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