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why put on a show after the O?


--- Quote from: jwb on October 24, 2009, 01:44:31 PM ---why put on a show after the O?

--- End quote ---
The Euro Grand Prix was a lot better string of post Olympia shows.  This is (yawn ) just another show. ???


Why not put a show after the O. This is a great way for three competitors to qualify for the Olympia next year!

NPC contest is going to be big,  IFBB Figure looks like it is going to be a good competition, and the IFBB Men's Pro show is just beginning. 

So if you do go, come say hello.

King Kagan:
Hey Ron , whats going on my man?
I ll see u there

Looks like the IFBB Sacramento Pro is shaping up to be a good contest.  I will be up there, along with a few others to cover to show, including Isaac Hinds and J.M. Manion.

For the IFBB Men's,  Toney Freeman and Darrem Charles have entered the contest.  Along with Mark Dugdale, Kris Dim, Craig Richardson, this is a good time for someone to qualify for the 2010 Olympia.

Others competing include Grigori Atoyan, Ed Nunn, Pavol Jablonicky, A.D. Cherry, and Aiman Faour. 

Total right now is 21 competitors for the IFBB Men's.


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