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trenabol depo solution!


what will be best soution for trenabol depo 10ml 200 mg BD?
tri trenabol 150 mg?
tren acetat 75mg ?
or something esle ?

depending how many times  a wk u would like to pin ur self to be quite honest. tren a would need to injected ed but can get away with eod if u wanted to. tren a ull see quicker results.


than tren acetat will be better solution 1

why are quicker results better? its like using test ent or prop, if u want to stick your ass everyday or eod then use the tren ace, but it's not going to be that much more beneficial, i would use tren ent and go with twice a week injections.

yeah but using a tren a for instance, u may not have to go as long with the cycle and prop needs to be injected ed or eod. i personally like tren a but if u dont like poking ur self ed or eod then go with enth



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