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Limit cardio on cycle

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     There are androgen receptors in cardiac muscle. The heart is a muscle. It grows when trained, just like your biceps. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but bodybuilders of the 70s didn't do cardio. There were no Stairmasters. And they're alive. And the myth that they didn't slam gear is false. Guys like Grymkowski and Michalik SLAMMED steroids(Yes Michalik is dead but him living into his 60's is SHOCKING given how much gear he did).
     So mellow out with the cardio while on cycle. Maybe a light jog. Mike O' Hearn does not do cardio. He knows. Now we have guys saying they do 2 hours cardio morning and 2 hours night before a show? On Tren? How do you think your heart responds to that? It GROWS.
       I have researched this and know what I'm saying sounds outrageous, but excessive cardio can kill you if you are on a heavy cycle. This is why so many professional cyclists die from heart attacks or heart failure. They used steroids for performance but fucked their hearts. Now they've learned to dope with EPO NOT steroids. The heart is a muscle. But it's the one muscle you do not want to grow.  If you do steroids, you are different. Different rules than "normal" people.  Go for a walk.
     Here are just a FEW of the professional cyclists who did steroids and died of heart attack/failure. Many were competitors with Lance Armstrong. NOT mass monsters. Steroids for performance not muscle. All in their 20s and 30s. Rail thin and on steroids.

Tommy Simpson
Vincente Carril
Marc Demeyer
Bert Oosterbosch
Jochim Halupczok
Stive Virmaut
Tim Pauwels
Alessio Galletti
Bruno Neves
Rob Goris
Frederiek Nolf
Gijs Verdick
Daan Myngheer
Michael Goolaerts
Robert de Greef
Niels de Vriendt
Eslam Nasser Zaki

Bodybuilders are big-hearted people.

Never limit cardio.


--- Quote from: IroNat on April 29, 2022, 04:13:54 AM ---Bodybuilders are big-hearted people.

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Brutal.  And true :'(

Charles Poliquin said excessive cardio shortens your lifespan because of the metabolic stress it creates.

Not just cardio but excessive, high intensity weight training has the same life shortening effect according to Poliquin.


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