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Any help on my third cycle?!?!? Thanks in advance!

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Looking to start a 12 week cycle, this will be my 3rd cycle

1st cycle i took was Test E and dbol. Kept a good decent size after pct
2nd was Test E, Tren E and dbol which went to wast due to gyms being shut down and covid was new and the whole quarantine shut down
 But for my 3rd cycle thinking of running
Test E 500mg M 500mg Thurs
Deca 250mg M 250mg Thurs
Equi 250mg M 250 thurs
Anadrol 50mgs split dose AM/PM
Cabaser .5mg M/Th
Arimidex .5mg EOD
Would this be a good stack or if y’all have a better cycle for me?! Thanks
This is my current stats 5’11  240lbs  just turned 24yrs

any pics...

Best i can do rn


--- Quote from: EGFITNESS on December 21, 2022, 01:09:51 PM ---Best i can do rn

--- End quote ---

Look like shit... hope this helps  :D

I don’t think you need 1g of test a week, 500mg a week split into Tues, Thurs will suffice.


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