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I usually stay on a program for 6 to 8 weeks. Some times to 12 weeks, take a week off and than return to some other type of training program..
A)   1. chin behind neck...touching the neck  3x6-9  weighted
      2.  Press behind neck...sitting  3x6-9
      3. Upright rowing (EZ Olympic type bar)  3x6-9
      4.  DB pullover & press  3x8-10
           Exercises 2 & 3 are not designed for everyone. Some may have a problem with
          one or both. To me they have proven true strength and rewarding movements,
          never an issue.   I don't do any direct arm exercises.

B)   1) Step up on boxes, alternate each leg every rep. BB on shoulders. 3x10-12
      2) Body leg curl.....Having the ankles held by a training partner while laying face
         down on a matt, curl the body up to a knelling position. Very affection exercise
         for direct ham involvement.  Usually hold a BB plate in front my chest. 3x12-15
         I'll full stretch, with my toes on a 2x4, for  couple of minutes before these leg
         movements. Don't do any calf work at all.

        A times I will do sit ups. Knees drawn up and under a strap, I will hold a BB above
        my body (like the start of a BP) and sit up.  As my body raises, the BB will raise
       also to above my head at the top position of the sit up. In the position of overhead
       press.  3x6-9  Also use a Ab wheel from time to time...standing.

       Alternate days between A & B workouts

Good Luck. 


 Trying to hit the three functions of a pulling motion
1...Pullups.. hammer grip ...pulling down and into the body
2...BB row...curl grip, grip under handed rather than overhanded......pulling from in front and into the body
3...High Pulls...pull bar up to around lower pecs. No leg action/body English, as in regular Hi Pulls  off rack...pulling up and along side the body.

Trying to hit the three functions of a pushing motion
4...Overhead Press off rack....  up and away from the body
5...Bench...away and in front of the body
6...Dips   pushing down and along side the body

The three phase idea seems to handle the push and press functions quiet well. 3x6-9 all exercises

I do legs on a separate workout day.  Currently doing low bench squats 10x10.  I do light stiff legged DL's, with toes on a 2x4 after  20x3  Find those stretches help my legs recover quite well after the squats.

Good Luck


Actually those bench squats are Front bench Squats 10x10.   

That's a touch & go rep, when the butt hits the bench spring right up quickly. Front squats tend to influence the lower quads quite well, giving Olympic lifters as an example of some pretty good lower quads development (tear drops.....above the knees).

Good Luck

general stretch and warmup....swing bell pullovers, around 50 reps or so and/or hanging from an overhead bar, with dipping belt attached. Using wide to narrow grips. Can include one arm hangs, also good for the grip. A couple of minutes total of hangs.  Hangs seem to loosen and setup my whole bod;  spine, upper/lower back, hips, legs, etc.
Workout A
1. BB shrugs wide inside collar to collar hand position. A whole different feel and stretch to the common BB shrug.   3x10-12

2.  HI pulls, DB alternate each arm 3X10-12. 

3.  BB incline press . close grip, elbows in and close to the body 3x10-12

4. Side one arm DB press, alternate each arms   (not to be confuses with the standard one arm DB overhead press)  3x 10-12

Workout B
warmup..50 to 100 Hindu squats.  and Ham full stretches.
Been doing 10x10's (GVT) for squats. and 10x10 for leg curls. Actually I'm getting use to these combo movements.  Legs feel pretty good doing them. With GVT only a moderate is used.

Take at lease 2 days (sometimes 3) days between workout A & B

Good Luck.

(was doing heavy partial rep's my last workout training before this current one.....very productive I must say. Now easing off a bit. The old heavy-light theory of training cycles works well for me as I approach 50 years of age)


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