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Fatty McFarchkins transformation on day off from drinking paint and eatin rocks

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Marty Champions:

nothing more than a skinny mess....congrats

who's taking these photos?

Marty Champions:
horrendus physeak and body i must say
tommorrow he reports back to work
he thought on this day off he could please the fellow gay lords and masters , et's, ect..

during his 'trip' home he decided to workout, and it was ok to 'waste' the day not working but instead 'waste' time on himself by endulging in the illusion perfecting his craft , he cannot wait to go back to work right now at the moment and slave away at the rocks and paint he is ready to go back to the core

Marty Champions:

--- Quote from: BroadStreetBruiser on August 15, 2008, 12:39:49 PM ---who's taking these photos?

--- End quote ---

bast is and many others from getbig sitting in an audience all very short people taking pics of the schizophrenic bastard, you can tell from the angle ;D ;D the falcon cannot reveal the master lighting effects  ;)


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