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titus fate?: how long before he 1)becomes prison enforcer 2)top male ho?

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I wonder if FRYTUS has himself a prague yet, you know a little bitch that folds his clothes and sucks him off.

I am guessing yes....

Titus may do poorly.  He hasn't got money or gang connections.

Right now he is in county.. which aint shit. LV county jail is full of prostitutes and drunks. a few crack heads. and the rest is just minor shit. im sure titus sits at a steel bench watching tv doing push ups and dips between seats. Other then that hes playing spades and eating three square. He's just craig titus in there i doubt anyone gives a fuck really.

I don't think Clark county is anything like la county jail.  That place is a shit hole.  People be beggin to go to prison after being there.

titus will be a gang victim, many times


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